Best Time to Visit Chios Greece

best time to visit chios

Chios is an extraordinary island and definitely not the same every month of the year. It has its ups and downs. Well, its ups are in the summer and its downs are in the winter, really…

So, the best time to visit Chios really depends on what you are looking for on your holidays in this hidden gem in Greek islands.

Greece is the sunniest country in Europe (Okay, sister Cyprus, so are you!). But that gives the impression that in Greece people swim all year and it never gets cold. Wrong!

Greece and therefore Chios is only good for SUMMER HOLIDAYS in the summer. Unlike the country itself, it has to offer a different type of tourism all year round. In Chios things are not the same.

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Chios is an island of 4 seasons. It is just summer that likes to extend itself to almost 5 months instead of 3, like every other island in Greece.


  • Best Time for beaches, swimming and hot weather (more than 30C during the day): June, July, August
  • Best Time for activities, hiking, restaurants and mild sunny weather: May, September
  • Best Time for partying, buzz, crowds: August (just August? Yes, read below)
  • 15th of August: massive celebration in Greece and a Bank Holiday (Virgin Mary’s Day)
  • Greek Easter: usually within April (check here)
  • Many businesses, hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars close: between and including October – March
  • Most crowded month of the year for Chios: August

Keep reading…there is more!


First, let’s see how crowded the island is during the year:

Note that:
1. There is a lot of student life in Chios Town in the whole year because of the University of the Aegean. So, bars, cafes, restaurants in the main town are always open.
2. The following numbers represent tourists and not locals or students.
3. These are not official statistics but more of a ‘feeling’ after visiting the island for many years and in different months)

January – February: 10% crowded – (Low Season – many restaurants, hotels and businesses outside the city of Chios will be closed, beaches will be empty).

March – April: 10%-20% crowded – (Low Season – many restaurants, hotels and businesses outside the city of Chios will be closed, beaches will be empty. However, whichever of the two months is close to leading to Greek Easter, it might attract some early arrivals.

May: 30-50% crowded – (Still Low Season – however more people start visiting the island as the high season approaches; many restaurants, hotels and businesses outside of the city of Chios remain closed or are just about to open; at the beaches you will see the first daring people swimming. Late May the temperatures usually pick up and you see more and more going to the beach. The 40% mentioned is when Easter is in (early) May, because it attracts more people.

June: 50-60% crowded – (Mid Season – not yet super busy. But the difference is now obvious and a lot of tourists that prefer June as their holiday month arrive.

July: 70-80% crowded – (Mid-High Season – early July is still like June; July is catching up; obviously everything is open, the weather is amazing, so be prepared to spend most of your time on the beach or at the swimming pool.

August: 80-90% crowded – (High Season – put it like this. Chios is never full. You will always find somewhere to stay at reasonable prices. It might be too late to stay on one of the most stunning villas in Chios or at the best hotels of the island, but you can still hope even advanced bookings are recommended.

September: 50-60% crowded – (Mid Season –  going back to June’s state; the weather still feels like summer and a lot of people prefer it. I’ve seen and felt some of the calmest and warmest sea in September).

October: 30-50% crowded (Low Season – the weather gets colder but you can still possibly enjoy a swim early in the month – but we are going into the state of May and a lot of businesses outside the Chios Town have already closed.

November – December: 10% crowded (Low Season – the heart of the low season and one of the coldest months in Chios. Forget swimming or many activities unless you are an explorer of the wild side of nature. Most businesses outside of Chios Town are closed,

best time to visit chios

1. When Should I visit Chios if I am looking for hot weather, swimming at the beaches or pools and I basically want to be with flip-flops all day?

The hottest weather in Santorini is in June, July, August. September might also surprise you and the same stands for May.

In September the sea water is usually warmer than in May. There is an explanation to this since it has been warmed all summer from the sizzling sun.

Chios is never super crowded. It gets busy but there is always a space for you. 

Using some of our secrets during your stay you can find the right time to do what you want if it is dining at one of the best Chios restaurants or beating the August crowds at the most popular beaches.

I always visit the island between mid-July till late August which is the high season. However, I used to love staying there in September when the weather feels really nice to swim. The business season is reaching towards the end though.

Most businesses (restaurants, hotels, cafes, beach bars) of the island close at the end of September. The ones in the Chios Town are open all year round.

Answer: if swimming and great weather is your only concern then August and early September is the best time for you!

2. When should I visit Chios if my main concern is sightseeing and great food but not with bad or super hot weather?

You are not really a big fan of swimming (Yes, we know you exist!) or hot weather because you sweat easily and it’s absolutely fine for you if you don’t wear a t-shirt, shorts and bikinis 24/7.

May and September might be the months you would look into. But in general, June – August are still good for what you are looking for apart from some really hot days. It is hard to predict when there will be a heatwave but statistically speaking it is in late July and the beginning of August.

Answer: if you are the person above, then you should better visit Chios in May or September.

3. When should I visit Chios if I want to have all the buzz, the nightlife and the fun?

The first three weeks of August is when everything really happens on the island (beach parties, events etc).

Chios is not a big party island but we said it earlier, it is also a student island, so you get a bit of that too…

Answer: August; just August. But keep in mind that people usually visit Chios after they party in places like Mykonos. Chios is more of a chilling-out island.

4. When should I visit Chios if I am a solo traveller?

Answer: If you are looking to see the place but not being super lonely then I would say June or July is the best option for you.

wedding chios greece

5. We are getting/got married! Is Chios ideal for our honeymoon?

Answer: Eeeer… no. Chios has some beautiful places to visit and loads to explore, but  I just cannot picture it as a honeymoon destination.

6. When should I visit Chios if I am looking for the cheapest hotels and flights?

Answer: Chios is generally very affordable. But if you are on a budget, you should look into traveling in May or June. That’s assuming you don’t want to be alone…

7. When should I visit Chios if we are a family with kids?

Chios is a family and children friendly place to spend your holidays.

You probably don’t want the weather to be burning hot and maybe avoid the high season.

Answer: So, maybe the best option would be to visit Chios in June or July.

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