Best Villas in Chios

best villas in chios
This is the stunning Grecian Castle in Chios

Sometimes, I feel jealous because Chios is not in this Top list or that Best Hotels list when it comes to most advertised places around Greece. But when I think about it more in deep, I realize that the island has so much more to offer to its visitors than just a great view and an infinity pool, especially if you stay in one of the Best Villas in Chios.

It actually gives you the best view of life and an infinite feeling of happiness on your entire holidays. Don’t take me wrong and keep reading. You’ll find that memorable place you’re looking for.

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Best Villas in Chios
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So, can you rent a villa in Chios?

If you asked me 3 years ago I would hesitate on my response. But it looks like more people have discovered one of Greece’s most secret gems and since then there has been huge development in the services offered in the travel industry. So, yes, there are not many but some exceptional choices of villas around the island. The trick is, you shouldn’t hesitate either in booking because of low availability on the high end rooms.

Of course, since we are not living in the 90’s, you can book your dream villa online!

All the villas of the island can either be booked online on  or on Airbnb.

To be honest with you, for the same villa you will probably pay less on than Airbnb because you are not paying any additional fees (okay, you will probably pay more on Airbnb and you won’t have an option for free cancellation as you almost always get on

And I personally prefer as the reviews on their site are really helpful to make a decision (and they are 100% real from people who have actually stayed in the hotels listed).

Where Are The Best Villas in Chios located?

As I mentioned earlier there are not so many villas in Chios. To be 100% honest there can be counted in one handful if you consider the traditional meaning of a villa. But despite an apartment’s marketing can trick you, I will not.

So, it looks like the best villas in Chios are located in the Kalimassia region. The Chios Town (where the port is) would be too congested to have villas located and this is because it can look like a busy city with a lot of shops and cafes/bars that could easily destroy the inner peace you are looking for.

Obviously, Chios is not as popular as Santorini and has not been advertised for its sunset.

Hahahahaha… It’s not me laughing, it’s those advertisers who have really missed out on what the views you can find in Chios.

Oh dear, sometimes it is better to be surprised than to expect something and the view from the villas listed below has been described as mouthwatering in many cases (visitor’s reviews). That, in case you don’t want to take my word for it.

What Do I Get With A Villa in Chios?

The truth is that it really depends. Mainly of what you consider of being a ‘villa’.

If you ask somebody he might tell you it needs to have a pool. Well, not really…

Ask somebody else, she will say it needs to sleep at least 5-6 people. Hmmm…

I’m not in a Wikipedia mood right now and we don’t use terminologies here but experiences, so I have listed what I call a villa. Not anything listed as one.

There are also some places that they offer all the benefits of staying at a more private place (like a villa) but also have lots of the facilities and services that you would expect from a luxurious hotel. In that case, I think you win, so it will make the list.

Chios is an island that needs a thirst to explore. It has more sightseeing than most other Greek islands and a massive diversity in what you can expect for your holiday in total.

There is a massive coastline with long beaches either with sand or pebbles, but also a fantastic inner land called ‘Kampos’, part of the Medieval Era with all that can mean in the aspects of its astonishing architecture.

So, with the broader meaning of villa, your options are more than what I mentioned (I’ll need at least both hands to count).

The big advantage to top it all is that villas in Chios are very affordable compared to other islands.

So, without further ado, let’s see the Best Villas in Chios:

1. Mastiha Villas – check prices here

Location: Agios Ioannis, Kalimassia
Sleeps: up to 5 guests (each villa)
Private Pool: Yeeees! Each villa has a private pool.

Is it good for me? The luxurious newly built complex of Mastiha Villas (3 units) is perfectly located to combine peacefulness and vicinity to anything you’ll need. It is 15 mins drive from the Chios airport and 12 mins walk from the beach which is probably what you care about the most. This is a recommended place to stay as long as you rent a car to move around since Chios is a big island. This property is in one of the best-rated locations in Chios on any booking web site you check! Guests love it compared to other properties nearby and consider it as value for money. It might be one of the most expensive places to stay on the island, but it is still very affordable because Chios is too. Ah yes, all reviews mention how the host, Manolis, would… take a shot for his visitors.

2. Villa Parparias – check prices here

Location: Limnos, Volissos
Sleeps: up to 14 guests (!)
Private Pool: Nope

Is it good for me? This is on the west side of of Chios, so a bit further from the port and airport (about 25km. But it is a great option if you are a big group of people because it can sleep 14 people! You will be only a few minutes away from the beach, having the option to stay local (Limnos beach) or going to the one I like more, Lefkathia. Remember, I would not suggest this just for a couple.

3. The Mastic Cottage – check prices here

Location: Agios Diomidis, Evreti Region
Sleeps: up to 6 guests
Private Pool: Nope

Is it good for me? This is closer to the port and airport of Chios but is further located to the closest beach. Not to mention you will definitely need a car rental to move around. This villa is perfect for you and your travel mates if you are more of an exploring and sightseeing person and less of a laying down until you are tanned like a lobster.

4. Villa Corali – check prices here

Location: Plaka, Karfas
Sleeps: 3 guests
Private Pool: Nope, but you’re so close to the sea, right?.

Is it good for me? Let me be clear. You could easily call this a house as most people call it in their reviews. This is 10 mins. drive from the airport of Chios and no more than 20 from the port. If you are a romantic type or you just want to wake up feeling you’re walking on the sea, then this is the place you are looking for. Plaka is part of Karfas and the beach is just 1 minute away. There are plenty of restaurants in the area since Karfas is one of the most touristic places on the island. So, unless you want to go around the island for sightseeing and exploration, this could be ideal even for a car-free holiday.

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