21+7 Best Restaurants in Chios Greece

restaurants in chios greece

Delicious Greek food, experienced chefs, picturesque landscapes, unique tastes with local produce… That’s what you get in the Best Restaurants in Chios

Greek food has been a trend for a while in all diets and healthy recipes around the world. I’m sure you know how good is feta, olives, Greek yoghurt etc. for you. But if you take out these few products that are made exclusively in Greece, it is most probable you haven’t tasted Greek food at its best. I mean abroad…

Well, now it’s time to taste the real thing and Chios is a paradise for food lovers because almost everything is local and grown organically. We don’t play with food here… Food in Chios is an experience!

So… which restaurants stand out from the crowd and deserve a visit?

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You can find almost every cuisine in Chios apart from Chinese and maybe Mexican (not the best wherever I tried it). The best restaurants in Chios have in general, affordable prices all around it. Okay, there are some more pricey ones, but we haven’t set a budget here. We’ll try to include a few from any category and for all wallets.

This is why the following list includes everything: from street food to gourmet dining and from traditional meat taverns to amazing seafood places.

So… without any further chit chat, these are the Best Restaurants in Chios Greece in random order, apart from my new No.1:

Vokaria (Nenita, Vokaria)

Vokaria – The best garidomakaronada (prawn pasta) in Chios, by far…

On Google maps this appears as ‘Bokaria’. This is my new No.1 restaurant in Chios (sorry Pantoukios). When I firstly visited Vokaria and got shocked with the quality and taste of food, I thought I was just hungry. However, I revisited and revisited last summer and it was always up to the same level. I made sure I even went there… kind of full but I couldn’t resist to my favourite dishes.

I’ll go straight to it (since I cannot go straight to… eat): Everything is fresh and perfectly cooked, but the shrimp pasta (“garidomakaronada” in Greek) is out of this world. So, whatever else you order, make sure you get that at least for sharing. Then you will want your own, but I’ll let you find out yourself.

Make sure you make a reservation if it is the weekend in summer or any day you visit between July-August. Especially at Greek dinner time (around 21.00).

You can find their Facebook Page here.

Attention: The drive is a bit of a pain, a lot of curves and driving through some narrow streets in the village of Nenita. Not that you will have an issue. However, on the way back (say to Chios town) Google Maps will suggest the faster route. Unless you have a 4×4 jeep, do not take this route. Go as you arrived there, through the village of Nenita. Otherwise you might find yourself with a flat tire or with destroyed suspensions. On the map below I put an X mark at the road that the GPS voice will tell you to turn right. So, just ignore and go left. Basically, follow the asphalt!

Hotzas (Chios Town)

Hotzas is one of the oldest taverns in Chios. Its Mediterranean cuisine includes some authentic dishes that you probably have not tried elsewhere. I mentioned this list is random, but something was suggesting I should put this one first..

You can find their Facebook Page here.

Roussiko (Thymiana)

Mmmmmmm… Roussiko! Seafood or meat, this place has it all sorted for you. I usually choose their meats (lamb in a pot my favorite) but everything is great. At some point they tried to change location, but it felt that the place lost part of its magic, so there we are again. Old lovely Roussiko.

Update: Since 2022, you don’t need to go all the way to Thymiana to have Roussiko’s excellent food. They have opened a restaurant also on the port, only 100m away from where the big ferries dock.

Reserve your table (Roussiko, Thymiana) in this number: +30 2271 033352 since it can get really busy in August. I once had to pretend I’m the nephew of a famous Greek tycoon to get a table for 5. It worked, but now they know the trick.

To Apomero (Chios Town, in Kampos)

This is a beautiful restaurant in the area of Kampos and upon a hill very close to the airport and Chios town. The view is fantastic and you might get to see a plane landing or taking off (look at the photo below with the runway being very obvious. But, knowing you are there to eat, food is impressive, too. My favourites are the ‘Daughter tits’ and the ‘Kontosouvli’ but you can’t go wrong with most of the dishes.

Reserve your table here if you are visiting in August.

Stou Giorgou (Chios Town, in Evreti)

I love this one. This is the real deal in Chios restaurants. It is not the traditional Greek food you know, but it’s altered with some very creative ideas and becomes a bit gourmet. Of course, they wouldn’t change the already delicious recipes of a lobster pasta or red mullets. I could go on about this forever but I’m writing this with an empty stomach and it wouldn’t help. Just try it. Remember to find it on your Google Maps, otherwise you might have to wonder around for a bit.

Reserve your table here.

Argentikon Restaurant (Chios Town, in Kampos)

Awesome Greek food at the restaurant belonging to the Argentikon Luxury Suites in Kampos. This is the only one that gets in the category ‘Fine Dining’ according to TripAdvisor. I had to trust the locals’ view on this one and the reviews I found online, so there is not much else to say. Come on, you don’t need everything… on the plate, do you?

Fabrika (Volissos)

That local feel of Fabrika is almost unbeatable. If you are in Volissos for the first time, I suggest you eat here. This is not on the beach restaurant, but the food will repay for your sacrifice. The family who owns this make you feel like you visited their home. The meat dishes especially are fantastic, so food and hospitality at its best.

They don’t get reservations unless there is an event going on, but to be fair I’ve never needed it.

This is their Facebook Page to get the contact details, just in case.

Galera (Lithi)

When I listed the best beaches of Chios, Lithi made it only as the family beach with good food. Well, there might be better beaches, but I can only count in one hand how many combine with delicious fresh fish like in Lithi and especially in Galera Tavern. The only ditch could be on a very busy August weekend, exactly at the lunch time, a bit of a slow service. Anyway, you’ve got the views while waiting… Plus, food will reward you.

Contact them here to ask for a table closer to the beach.

To Asteri (Avgonyma)

To Asteri is at a perfect location for sunset lovers. The views of the Aegean are unreal, the nature is magically wild and the food of this restaurant comes to complete a perfect package. The food is homemade and delicious no matter what you select, but ask for the speciality of the day. They will only give you the best.

If you need to, contact them through their Facebook Page here.

Nostos (Lagada)

Lagada is a fish village with quite a few taverns on its little port. There are others with yummy food but my favourite is Nostos. It might be because we have a family dinner there every summer including 4 generations of a group. But honestly, the seafood is delicious and the view up to the island of Inouses further away makes it a great combination. Remember to call and book a table in August, especially if you want to sit on the pavement next to the sea.

They are a bit behind with technology, but do they actually need it with such a great reputation? Call +30 2271 074849 to reserve a table, especially if you want to sit next to the sea.

Veggera (Agia Ermioni)

This is a very cozy place. A restaurant next to the beach, ideal for youngsters (gourmet style food) and also families with kids since there is a nice playground for the visitors. But we talk food here and the food in Veggera is excellent overall. Even if you buy the finger food and snacks or if you sit down for a dining experience with Greek tastes. You should try the cocktails too as long as the time is right (isn’t that all day?).

Usually, you should find a table, but if you are the planning type of person, then contact them here.

O Passas (Lagada)

Passas Lagkada

You cannot leave Lagada with one listing in 20+ restaurants of Chios. O Passas is my equal choice with Nostos (no.12) without the emotional part of it. It has a lot of tables by the sea after the changes on the port’s layout and what you get is equally nice with the atmosphere around you. You can never go wrong with the seafood here, but their boiled octopus is what is always in our order.

Contact them at +30 2271 074218 to reserve a table by the sea, especially in busy August.

Pantoukios Fish Taverna (Pantoukios)

I mentioned Lagada earlier as a fish village where you get lovely seafood and fish. Well, Pantoukios tavern is in the homonym village (Pantoukios), is equally fresh and sometimes easier to access it. Your options here are less, but this one tavern is a great option. Honestly, I was even thinking not to list this one just in case it will be too many of us there in August and I can’t get a table. But, between me and you… no, I wouldn’t do that. Eat the usual Greek food that you dream of here. It’s all fresh and the staff will help you make a choice…

Contact them here.

Kardamo (Chios Port)

Kardamo restaurant Chios

At Kardamo they define themselves as mezedopolio (meze tavern) and it is exactly what it is. You will find traditional Greek food with a modern fusion, as the talented owner Michalis has created. Good spot to chill out or even eat something before you night our to the bars at the port. Friendly staff always helpful with foreigners as I noticed. If you are at the Chios town, you need to try this.

Kardamo can get really busy at weekends, but it is always a good idea to call and book a table from late July to the end of August.

Their info on Facebook.

Geragides (Kardamyla)

This is my local place, but I’m not the guy who makes favors. I want to remind you that it is 100% random. Otherwise Geragides would definitely be higher. Try the ‘herisia makaronia’ (handmade pasta) or the red sauce dishes of meat, like goat or beef. A few days in the week they also have some extra skewers (souvles), so ask for the dishes of the day. The atmosphere is great and usually there is a breeze sitting under the maple trees. One not to miss out while you pass through or visit Kardamyla.

Contact Geragides, but ideally… just visit it! Usually you will not need a booking.

Oi Myloi (Chios Town)

Eat next to the historical windmills of Chios with an infinite view of the sea. Oi Myloi is a seafood tavern very close to Chios Town (5 mins. by car). I’ve been there 4-5 times and always left happy. The food is delicious but the seafood pasta is top of my list (sorry calamari, you know you were yummy too).

Agyra Restaurant (Megas Limnionas)

I was told not to leave this one out by all the friends I asked during my extra research (guilty, this is the second I have not tried on the whole list of 21). What you get here is authentic Greek seafood and fish dishes as well as very friendly service.

Contact them at +30 2271 032178.

Yperion (Volissos)

One of the most romantic balconies of the island…

Yperion is in Volissos and has some crazy views to offer, especially during evening hours. The sunset is from another world and the setup in this cute little balcony is minimal but just right. Most people think this is just a cafe. However, it offers some really nice dishes, meze style (tapas). Combined with the unique view it made it in my list. Honestly though, even for a glass of wine or an evening coffee this place is a must. There is even a telescope to see the stars or -with a bit of help- different planets. That was Saturn, right?

Contact them here.

Thalasses (Kardamyla)

Some Kardamylians (people from Kardamyla) joke by saying that ‘Kardamyla is not Chios’. You know why? Because Kardamyla has it all. It is a very lively village in the summer time (mainly July – August) and has a big variety of choices regarding food. The same thing stands on Thalasses on its own. Nice tastes, good chef, fresh ingredients. All next to the sea at the port of Marmaro. One thing, I prefer eating souvlaki at ‘Stou Giorgou’ or at ‘Bekris’ when in Kardamyla and pizza at ‘I Geysi’ in the local square. But for a beautiful sitting down place next to the sea, Thalasses is the one!

You usually don’t need to contact or reserve anything at Thalasses unless it is a ‘panigiri’ happening (a Greek type of festival with live music). But in case you want to contact them here is their website.

Meltemaki (Katarraktis)

Can you eat any closer to the sea? Check the photo and say. Meltemaki is a nice tavern on the beach of Katarraktis, not far from Chios Town. The food is great. Fresh fish and seafood is what you get. Nothing else to be expected when you smell and feel the sea so close, right?

To be honest, I’ve only been in Meltemaki in early July, so if you are going in August why don’t you contact them to be sure you get a space by the sea. Friends have told it me it can get really busy. Their Facebook Page is this one.

Also, Street Food in Chios

Ta Katsarolakia (Karfas)

This is a nice alternative to seafood places and definitely a place they work hard to keep their standards high and the prices at a reasonable level. I’ve eaten twice there and noticed they try to improve things. So, as a first timer you will get exactly what you expect to eat in a ‘grill house’ type of tavern. The meat tastes local (yes, I can say!) and every dish served, even the simplest ones, gives you that feeling of being treated by the hosts.

Contact them at +30 693 267 4929.

Ok.. this is not technically a restaurant and you can hardly call it a tavern. But there had to be some Greek street food in this list right? This is possibly the best souvlaki place in Chios town. “Aella” has a seated area inside and outside and a few stands for you to enjoy the magic of a souvlaki sto heri (in Greek it means ‘in the hand’, meaning you don’t sit down but taking it away). Try it before your drinks out, or after…

You can find their web site here.

Aella (Chios Town)

 Other street food in Chios:

– Crepasta (Facebook Page)
– Spontini (Facebook Page) I think this one deserves a detailed view but I wanted to try it first, so please wait until July. Or if you go first let us know…

How is your appetite going? Are you lucky enough to be in Chios and visit one of these restaurants or taverns?

These were our top suggestions of the Best Restaurants in Chios!

You understand though that taste is an objective sense and the same goes when we talk about restaurant food. So, I’m sure there might be something else out there that could offer you equally great food like these places on the list. At the end of the day, foodies love exploring, right?

If you think we missed something or you just want to add something, feel free to comment below or ask us anything you need for any restaurant on the island.

Don’t be jealous, you just need to visit Chios and taste local food by yourself…

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  1. Im visiting Chios in December with my Australian family who are living in Turkey. Will there be restaurants open ? Are there Christmas markets ? Do ferries go to the other nearby islands in December?

  2. Hi Wendy. Restaurants will be open inthe busiest areas, around the port and in most places we have shortlisted here. If visiting a village outside of the Chios Town area you might have to give them a call first to confirm they are open. As for the ferries, the schedule is now up until October and the winter schedule should be available within next week (normally). There will be boats but maybe not daily. Anything else you need, just let us know.

  3. Hello. I’m planning to visit Chios and am having trouble finding tour options. I’ve checked Get Your Guide, but didn’t find much. Are there any other resources you can refer me to? Thanks. Paz

    • Hi Paz. Yes, there are not as many listed on Get Your Guide (well, one is actually about traveling out of Chios, to Oinousses, a small island 10 mins away, which by the way is a good day trip from Chios). The rest can be done by yourself usually if you rent a taxi or you can use individual travel agencies. However, they change their tours year by year and by period. If you give me more details, about the period of time you visit Chios and the places of interest to you, I could provide more help. Last but not least, you can join our -just launched- FB group and you might get suggestions from our few but helpfful members. Thank you

  4. Amaizing site to learn about Chios island. We will be there in August.
    Rented place in Mesta. Are there places to eat traditional Greek food, and where is the closest place to do grocery shopping? Basic.
    Thank you. We are very excited and looking very much forward our trip, since my husbands family is from there – Faraklas.
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