Best Hotels in Chios

Pearl Island Chios Hotel & Spa
This is the 5-star Pearl Island Hotel & Spa in Chios (bookings open for July 2024)

Chios is an island under exploration and development but has to offer some impressive hotels while more are being built. These are the Best Hotels in Chios.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, Chios is the 5th biggest island in Greece. That means it takes time to explore so that you will desire the best possible experience during your rest time, too. And that has to be in one of the best hotels of Chios.

We explain more on the Where to Stay in Chios guide depending on your details of travel (family, single, couple, with a dog, with your grandma, on a reunion, not on a bachelor) but the main question you probably have is: Should you stay in the Town, in the suburbs or in a village?

Where To Stay In Chios
Best Hotels in Chios
Best Apartments in Chios
Best Villas in Chios
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Let’s be clear. Wherever you stay, Chios is not an island with huge amounts of tourists, so anywhere you decide to go forget about queuing up or waiting too long to be served. Apart from the high season, which is mainly the first three weeks of August, you will not need a booking either.

But hey! I’m not talking about hotels, right? To book the best hotels in Chios you need to act… normally (speed-wise), as if you were booking a hotel in any other more crowded island in Greece.


Keep reading…there’s more!

So, here is my recommendation of the Best Hotels of Chios (#1 had to be… No.1, the rest is listed in no particular order):

1. Pearl Island Chios Hotel & Spa

Chios was ‘in need’ of a 5-star hotel and the new entry of Pearl Island Chios Hotel & Spa has definitely exceeded expectations. It is a 48 luxury suites complex (some with a private pool or a jacuzzi) located between the airport and the port (town) of Chios. Embark on a voyage of elegance and luxury, where meticulous attention to detail has been directed towards your utmost enjoyment. Elevated seclusion and opulent comfort are hallmarks of each of the suites… Check the prices here

2. Chandris Chios

Since renovated it got back its glory from the recent past. Lapped by the Aegean on two sides, the Chios Chandris hotel enjoys a great location in the island’s charming capital, overlooking the lively port-side waterfront and offering panoramic sea views and a full suite of amenities and services (did someone say sweets and delights buffet for 7 euros???) in a resort type environment.. Check the prices here

3. The Mastic Cottage

Advertised as a villa, as it sleeps 5. It can be a perfect place for nature lovers while at the same time it is not that far away from the sea. Check the prices here

4. Argentikon Luxury Suites

The Argentikon is the only 5* Luxury hotel in Chios, an All-Suites Boutique Hotel, with its unique character. It is topping the list of the Best Traditional Hotels and Houses in Chios and not only… Check the prices here

5. Mastiha Villas

As new as it gets (Summer 2017). The most recommended accommodation in and the only one with a private pool per villa. Check the prices here

6. Sideratos Apartments

This is an excellent option. No matter who else I asked to double-check during this research (yes, I have not stayed overnight in all these places), they all had to say the best things about it. Modern, great hosts (read the reviews for yourself), just next to the beach. Check the reviews and the prices here

7. Erytha Hotel & Resort

Erytha Hotel & Resort is a 20 years old hotel that has just been renovated. Some average reviews you might see belong to the… past. The complex provides excellent facilities and with two swimming pools it easily made it in this list. Located next to the beach of Karfas but also with a more private small beach to enjoy. Check the prices here

8. Pearl Bay Hotel Apartments

Pearl Bay combines a comfortable stay and an excellent location for its vicinity to most of the west side of the island. Great as a base for excursions. Check the prices here

9. Mesta Mastic

Mesta, mastic, a… must. See what I did there? If you are in the medieval village of Mesta, this is definitely a great choice. Check the prices here

10. Grecian Castle Chios

Last but not least (cliche). Very close to Chios Town (but not in it) and also to the port and airport. However, you will forget it all during your stay. Check the prices here

11. Ai Yannis Suites and Apartments Hotel

Ai Yannis is a great option if you’re visiting Kardamyla in the north side of the island. Breakfast is great and so is the scenery. Check the prices here

12. Argo Suites

This is not a typical hotel for sure, but its apartments are so cozy I couldn’t resist. A short walk from the beach of Giosonas and the best beach bar of Chios, Yoso Beach Bar. Check the prices here

Now, how many times I need to say that availability at the best hotels of Chios is quite low, so you might need to act fast. Do your research, take your time but… hurry up. 

If you are more of a fan of Airbnb or an apartment traveler then I have selected 13 Amazing Chios Apartments to pick from.

Now, excuse me, going for a dive…

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