11 Best Beaches of Chios

best beaches in chios

If you are looking for the Best Beaches of Chios… you are in the right place! Here’s the only list you’ll need.

Black pebbles, colorful pebbles, gold sand, white sand, mixed pebbles and sand, isolated, crowded, not crowded, easy access, no car access… There are so many different types of beaches but there is always one common factor: crystal clear water. Everywhere. The miracle of the Aegean!

I have collected a list of the Best Beaches of Chios (there are 91 in total!!!) and curated it down to 15 knowing that 7 is the average days that a tourist stays in the island. Well, knowing that some will be located totally opposite from your stay, I thought it is a fair number. Remember, Chios is a big island and visiting every corner of it could prove overwhelming.

These are the beaches I can say that you definitely have to visit while on the island.

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Best Beaches in Chios

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You might think Chios is not such a popular Greek island for its beaches. Okay, I have to admit that I’ve been in places more exotic and even visitors friendly. However, there is so much diversity in the Chios beaches you can visit that you will be amazed for the overall beauty.

You can seriously find anything, feeling like you’re in a different island every day. In one case written below) you just follow a path from one beach to the other and you get that feeling. This is one of the good things when you visit such a big island like Chios.


  • Best Beach of Chios: Mavra Volia (basically three beaches in one) – The volcano black pebbles is just a unique experience
  • Best Beaches for Families: Karfas (shallow waters, lots of amenities for kids), Komi and Lithi – all long sandy beaches
  • Most unique Beach of Chios: Mavra Volia (not organised, I mean no umbrellas or chairs to rent and it can get really hot)
  • Best ‘Food’ Beach of Chios: Lithi (You can eat some of the best fish and seafood on the island just after your swim)
  • Most Romantic Beach of Chios: Vroulidia (small, cozy, not overcrowded)
  • Best Party Beaches of Chios: Glaroi / Komi / Aghia Fotia (or Fotini)
  • Best Hotel close to a beach: Aegean Dream Hotel (Karfas)
  • Best Villa close to a beach: Mastiha Villas (Agia Fotia)

Keep reading…there’s more!

So…let’s see the Best Chios Beaches. Are you ready?

1. Mavra Volia (aka Volcano Beach Chios)

One of the three parts of the incredible black beach of Mavra Volia, in Chios, Greece

Why you should visit Mavra Volia in Chios?

Mavra Volia Beach is unarguably the most famous and unique beach in Chios. In some guides (if you need another one) and on Google maps you will find it as Volcano Beach.

The last explosion of a volcano in Greece happened in the ancient times and caused this natural phenomenon of traveling lava to this part of Chios island, The black pebbles, combined with the crystal clear blue waters and the wild beauty of the surrounding landscape, create an amazing scenery.

Expect Mavra Volia to be crowded in the summer’s weekends and in the whole of August.

Here is a great video showing Mavra Volia Beach and its majesty:

Where is Mavra Volia in Chios?

Mavra Volia on Google Maps

How can you get to Mavra Volia in Chios?

So, let’s use Chios Town as your starting point. It is actually quite straight forward to get to Mavra Volia even without GPS. Follow the signs to Emporios and you’re almost there. You will see the signs to the beach.

There is a parking just before you get to Mavra Volia beach but it can get really busy and cause some reversing and maneuvering in the first three weeks of August and especially in the weekends.

Ideally, when you hit the small port of Emporios and you take a right to go towards the beach, try to find parking. Otherwise try your luck.

Secret tip: Mavra Volia can be combined with a day trip to the Mastic Museum which is on the way. That’s if you like a bit of sightseeing. Also, about 5-10 minutes from destination you will pass from a cross with shops with ceramic. Get lost in there for a while, it worths every cent you will spend for those handmade beauties.

Where to stay if you want to be close to Mavra Volia:

The Best Hotels close to Mavra Volia are:  Emporios Bay Hotel and Haus Fay Chios (sorry, that was too close to call a winner).

Our Secret for the Volcano Beach

The geological formations provide an amazing and colorful landscape. But because of the black pebbles it can get… sizzling hot during the hotter summer days. There is a few shadows under the rocky hills but not for everybody, so be prepared. Have at least an umbrella with you and lots of sun lotion, hats and water. There is a kiosk on top of the first beach, so you don’t need to worry about water etc. For everything else mentioned, make a note.

2. Vroulidia

Isolated but rarely empty in July – August – People actually love Vroulidia Beach

Why you should visit Vroulidia in Chios?

Vroulidia is a a very small beach close to Mavra Volia. But it is so different. It is a sandy beach and has nothing to do with black colours.

Crystal clear waters is the least you get in this usually calm beach. But remember, this is not an organized beach (in summer 2017 anyway, because things change rapidly in Chios) ), so you will need to bring your own things you need (water, snacks) to keep hydrated and not hungry.

The good thing is, you can reach the beach by car. When you get there, you will know you need to park. Nothing secret here… Just 53 more stems to go down. Okay, and up when you leave..

Here is an amazing video showing how Vroulidia beach looks like:

Where is Vroulidia in Chios?

Vroulidia on Google Maps

How can you get to Vroulidia Beach?

It is almost the same way going to Mavra Volia. You just avoid turning left to Emporios and continue straight. When you are almost at the coastline, try to go with the limits. No, there is no police and radars. Just a small sign that writes ‘Vroulidia Beach’  to guide you. So, try not to miss it!

Unfortunately, there is no bus service doing this route.

Where to stay if you want to be close to Vroulidia:

Vroulidia is only a few minutes away from Mavra Volia, so the same hotels are suggested if you want to stay nearby. These are: Emporios Bay Hotel and Haus Fay Chios (sorry, that was too close to call a winner).

Our Secret for Vroulidia Beach

The shadow that falls naturally is minimal. So, in case you are not in a fighting mood to get some shadow, bring your own umbrella. Also, this is an ideal place to spend your beach time when there are northern winds because it is really protected.

3. Apothika

Why you should visit Apothika in Chios?

My worst case scenario. Apothika is a beach that every year evolves. A beach that I might tell you something now and it could be changed in the next summer. This is a beach that adapts to the visitor’s needs and leisure, including scuba diving and kayak.

Driving down the road to Apothika beach is a discovery trip on its own, while offering promising images of the bay. In the middle of a rocky landscape, Apothika beach is undoubtedly the place to be. Apart from swimming and activities, Apothika is a beach that can satisfy all tastes.

Here is a great video showing Apothika Beach and its raw beauty:

Aerial view of Apothika beach, near Mesta, Chios

Where is Apothika Beach in Chios?

Apothika on Google Maps

How can you get to Apothika Beach in Chios?

Take the road from Chios to Mesta.

Apothika is not far from Mesta. But it is not an easy road when you’re getting closer.

I’ve mentioned before that in Chios you will need to rent a car if you want to explore it and not stay in a hotel’s pool. However, in case you want to use the bus you can take it from Chora (Chios Town) to Mesta. This is the closest it will get you and from there you need a taxi. If you are adventurous (and without kids) try to hitch-hike. People in Chios actually stop to give you a ride…

Where to stay if you want to be close to Apothika Beach:

If you want to be really close to Apothika Beach in Chios, you will need to stay in the village Mesta.

The Best Hotel in Mesta is: Mesta Mastic

4. Agia Dynami

Crystal blue waters of Agia Dynami beach

Why you should visit Agia Dynami in Chios?

This is an ‘interesting’ option. The beach has taken its name from the church located there. It is on the way to Olimpi, a picturesque village going inwards on the island. Last summer (2017) I checked it was not organized, so as in most cases, you will need your own umbrella for shade (one pine tree is not enough for every one. But the natural beauty is unique and you can take a look in the following video:

Where is Agia Dynami?

Agia Dynami on Google Maps

How can you get to Agia Dynami?

Follow the signs from Olimpi/Mesta. It’s very easily accessible by car. If you use the local bus (the local buses are called KTEL), you will need to go to Mesta or Olimpi and then rent a taxi. That’s another reason to rent a car for your stay in Chios.

Where to stay if you want to be close to Agia Dynami:

If you want to be really close to Agia Dynami beach in Chios, you have to stay in Mesta or Olimpi. We’ve mentioned the best hotels for Mesta in more cases, so let’s give credit to the one that stands out in Olimpi:

The Best Stay in Mesta and close (2.4km) to Olimpi is: Lida Mary

Our Secret for Agia Dynami Beach

It consists of two beaches that unite with a narrow path. When the winds are south, one of the two parts of the beach looks rough. Cross to the other side and you will feel like you traveled to a different place, but you’re still there!

Also, visit early and you might be able to get the natural shade from the trees.

5. Agia Fotia (or Agia Fotini)

Agia Fotini at early June. Expect crowds in July and especially August

Why you should visit Agia Fotia in Chios?

That’s because you want a beach that has umbrellas, chairs, tables, coffee served and of course clear blue waters. Because you want to stay close to more options like good food and bars for later that night…

Agia Fotia beach can get crowded but it always has that warm feeling of locality. It is neither small or massive. Just like you need it, right?

Here is a video showing Agia Fotia beach from above:

Where is Agia Fotia in Chios?

Agia Fotia on Google Maps

How can you get to Agia Fotia Beach?

You can reach Agia Fotia beach by car or a bike, but also on local transport. It is one of the most easily accessible beaches in Chios if you stay close to the main town. When you follow the national road from Chios to Kalimassia, there is a sign that says ‘Agia Fotini 2km’ on the left side of the road. In total, it shouldn’t be more than 20 minutes after you come out of the town.

Where to stay if you want to be close to Agia Fotia Beach:

There are quite a few options for your stay in the region where Agia Fotia is. We ha

The Best Stay in Agia Fotia: Yolanda Studios

The best Villa close to Agia Fotia (and on the island to be honest): Mastiha Villas

Our Secret for Agia Fotia Beach:

It can be very busy in weekends, especially in July, August. There are a lot of young people going there, so due to the nightlife the night before, it gets crowded late in the afternoon (2-3pm local time). So, you can definitely beat that.

6. Avlonia

Avlonia beach in Chios
Crystal clear waters at Salagona beach in Chios

Why You Should Visit Avlonia?

Okay, I have to confess: When I started this blog I had never been in Avlonia. I know, right?What was I missing though! Avlonia is now one of my favourite beaches in chios and I make sure I visit it a couple of times every summer. Wherever you stay in the island, Avlonia is a ‘must go’.

Where is Avlonia Beach?

Avlonia on Google Maps

How can you get to Avlonia in Chios?

You can reach Avlonia beach by car/taxi as most of the beaches I’ve listed here. This beach is close to Mesta and Olympi, so your route also depends on your starting point. As always, Google Maps is your best friend here.

Where to stay if you want to be close to Avlonia Beach:

If you want to be really close to Avlonia beach, as well as a few more options listed here, you can stay in the medieval village of Mesta:

The Best Hotel/Villa close to Avlonia Beach: Mesta Mastic

Our Secret for Avlonia beach

Despite the fact that it is a small gulf, on a windy day with north winds, this beach can also get some strange wind channels too. I’m not the one to tell you, but keep an eye on water sports and don’t underestimate some winds that might look innocent, but actually could drag you a bit inside the sea further than the shore.

Finally, if you are keen in prayers, there is a tiny church next to the car park. I don’t think you need to be religious to explore it, in all honesty.

7. Salagona

Crystal clear waters at Salagona beach in Chios

Why You Should Visit Salagona?

Salagona Beach in Chios was my dilemma. It is a beach with natural beauty and raw charm, so despite some disadvantages I would suggest you to go, but only if you have quite a few days to spend in the island.

Where is Salagona Beach?

Salagona on Google Maps

How can you get to Salagona in Chios?

You can reach Salagona beach mainly by car as most of the beaches I’ve listed here. However, note that the road gets rough towards your destination. Locals tell us there have been improvements, but I cannot confirm before I get there as early as possible this summer.

Where to stay if you want to be close to Salagona Beach:

If you want to be really close to Katharos beach, you can actually stay in Oia (where you have hundreds of hotels options) but there is also another amazing option with stunning views to the Katharos Beach (which is really seclusive too):

The Best Hotel/Villa close to Salagona Beach: Mastiha Villas

8. Trachili

Make sure you don’t miss out on visiting Trachili, Chios

Why you should visit Trachili in Chios?

Where you are on this side of the island of Chios, they will tell you go to Elinda beach. Come on now! Elinda looks magnificent from above. Even from close by to be honest. But, you want to go to a beach to relax and Elida (or Elinda) is a place where that’s always a problem. So, unless you want to be hunted by the bees and feel the cold waters like it is December and not July, then go ahead! I’ve done my duty…

What is a better and less known option? Trachili!

Where is Trachili Beach in Chios?

Trachili on Google Maps

How can you get to Trachili Beach?

Trachili beach is on the west side of the island so there is a mountain drive of about 45 minutes (from Chora) to get there. Follow the road to Avgonyma and then follow the signs. Or your GPS…

Where to stay if you want to be close to Trachili Beach:

If you want or have to be in the west side of Chios and close to Trachili beach, then you need to stay either in Avgonyma or Lithi.

The Best Hotels in Avgonyma are: Avgonyma Seasons HotelLiknoTo Petradi

The Best Hotel in Lithi is: Almiriki Hotel

Our Secret for Trachili Beach:

The photo and video speak for themselves. What else is there to say…?

10. Nagos

Nagos beach in Chios, with that unique ‘local feeling’

Why you should visit Nagos in Chios?

Nagos beach is a kids and family-friendly beach. There used to be a few sunbeds and umbrellas, but recently they have taken over the beach (especially in July), so it lost its picturesque look. Kind of upsetting for us, who we remember this before the business owners took over. This beach used to be with quite big pebbles, but the sea have changed them into smaller during the last decades so, there is even a partial sandy part.

Where is Nagos Beach in Chios?

Nagos Beach on Google Maps

How can you get to Nagos Beach in Chios?

Nagos is in the norhtern side of the island of Chios, just after the biggest village of the region, Kardamyla. You will need to follow the signs to Kardamyla. When you pass Ano Kardamyla there is a big cross with a lot of signs which is where you turn left. When you reach the top of the cliff (not more than a minute by car) and facing the church of Agia Triada, turn left. It should take you about 5 minutes on your first time because of the curvy road.

Where to stay if you want to be close to Nagos Beach:

You have a few options if you want to be close to Nagos or… at Nagos.

The Best Hotel in Kardamyla, a few kilometres away is: Ai Yannis Suites and Apartments. However, there is also Spilia, a very traditional option which gives you the feeling of staying in a… cave)

The Best Rooms laying on the beach of Nagos are on Airbnb (literally on the beach!)

Our Secrets for Nagos Beach:

Nagos can be magical when not super busy, especially when the sun goes down on a really hot day. But there are quite a few secrets that come with it. Just to mention a couple, the chairs on the left side of the beach are private (about 15 of them) so you can save your walk and stay in the middle ones that belong to the cafe and restaurant.

There is a restaurant parking if you go down with your car or bike, but if you drive past Nagos and a massive water well (coming from Chios town), on your right side you can find an opening that is used as parking where your vehicle could be under the trees. From there, you will see a path going down to the beach too.

11. Anemi (aka ‘Giosonas’ or Yoso Beach)

Anemi Beach, usually called ‘Yoso’ from the locals because of the beach bar (it was closed in 2022 and 2023, so waiting to see this year).

Why you should visit Anemi in Chios?

This is a long beach with pebbles (quite big on some parts) where you can lay down and get away from any thoughts of work, problems etc. There used to be a good hype here in previous years but in 2022 and 2023 the beach bar did not open. It is still a nice, really long beach to enjoy, especially if you want distance from the next people there.

Where is Anemi Beach?

Yoso Beach on Google Maps

How can you get to Anemi Beach?

You can reach Anemi beach the same way with Nagos. It is just an extra 30 seconds drive after you pass Nagos. There is a sign for Yoso Beach Bar and parking at the bottom, but don’t take that for granted in the weekends of August since it gets really busy and you can struggle. Just park on the top.

Where to stay if you want to be close to Anemi Beach:.

The Best Hotels in Giosonas: Argo Suites and Iason Hotel

Our Secret for Anemi Beach:

If you walt to the right side you will see some rocks and a small hidden beach. This ends up being a spot for a few nudists to chill out, so keep it in mind especially if you are with young kids and you are unfamiliar with situations like this. In the evening, you might also see some young couples returning from there, usually with a smile on the faces…

12. Glaroi Beach (sounds like ‘Glari’)

Glaroi beach (or Glari) is a small gulf with a great vibe and beautiful waters

Why you should visit Glari Beach in Chios?

Glari beach is a small hidden beach on the road from Chios to Kardamyla. It is very close to the port (15 minutes) and can be found if you pay attention while in the car.

There is a beach bar making great cocktails and also music that can get loud at times since there is nobody living around this area. Ask for the dates of some late night parties too.

Where is Glaroi Beach?

Glari beach on Google Maps

How can you get to Glaroi Beach?

Just follow the donkey path from Oia to the sea and restaurants level (you won’t miss it…everyone is doing that…). Once at the small port turn left and then follow the edge till you find the spot with the rocks where others dive.

Where to stay if you want to be close to Glari beach:

As I mentioned, there is nobody staying around that beach, so there are neither any hotels. But, you only need to drive about 10 minutes to get to a very good option.

Our Secret for Glari Beach:

One of the best seafood places on the island is only 3-5 minutes (drive) away going north. Choose the village of Pantoukios and you will not regret it. If too busy, a little further up is Lagada (Or Lagkada) with many more options, same quality but slightly higher prices.

How hard do you think that was?

Well, to be honest, there will be people who agree or disagree with my choices. But I hope, even the ones that have been in all 91 beaches of Chios will get why these are my top choices. Yes, not 10 or 20, there are 91 beaches in Chios that can be approached by a car or at least with a bit of walking or hiking. There are also a few more that you would need a boat to go, but this will be a different post.

If you have already explored Chios, why don’t you give your recommendations in our Facebook secret group of Chios Secrets?

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