Chios in Greece is one of the most underrated Greek islands but also one of the largest and most beautiful. This is my travel blog for Chios Island in Greece.


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Where To Stay in Chios

From villages of mastic in the south to the historical places of the north

Best Hotels in Chios

Find your perfect stay, including brand new hotels in Chios

Best Villas in Chios

For more than 4 people or just a more luxurious stay

Best Apartments in Chios

Notice that all of them are now also on

Best Time to Visit Chios

When is it quiet? Does it get cold? All questions answered by month


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How To Get From Athens to Chios

Ferry boat or plane? Well, how much time have you got?

Cesme to Chios Ferry

Turkey is so close to Chios, so even with a day trip you have visited two countries

First Thing To Do in Chios

Unless you are Turkish…


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Best Restaurants in Chios

Food is part of the culture of Chios and it comes with a great variety of cuisines

Best Chios Products You Have to Try

Plan ahead for an extra luggage to fit the mastich products (and not only) you will buy


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Best Beaches in Chios

There are 91 one beaches in Chios, so trust us, you will find it hard to pick (by yourself)

Best Greek Islands Near Chios

If you fancy combining places, these are the islands to go from Chios